Thursday, October 26, 2006


I’m starting with these slates because they are my ONLY claim to productivity in weeks. No sewing, no writing (you knew that); and very little cooking for shut-ins or residents, housekeeping, etc. We have traveled a bit, but I’m slow about recording that as well.

Back to the slates – they are part of a craft project which I took to Nines this week. They represent but two and a half days labor – with lots of breaks. It was slow starting, which happens when you haven’t held a paintbrush forever, but progressed at decent speed. I was hurrying at the end and it shows; but that’s the way crafts sometimes go so I won’t point out the hurry flaws. Nina was pleased, so that’s all that matters.

We took a couple days out to deliver the slates, some
extra/empty canning jars and some downstairs junk to Indiana. It was a good visit as always. GF could not be content to let Nines and I go Chinese alone, so he and I had a lovely ‘day out’ with just Nines (who can make anyone’s day extraordinary, as you know). We went by the nursing home for a brief visit with Bill’s mom, by the used book store to add to GF’s Z Grey and L’Amour collection and then on to lunch. It was a joy to watch GF relish the oriental buffet. Less home cooking builds an appetite for flavorful food and he does enjoy hot and spicy – any genre.

Other October Accounting: The first of the month found us at Niagara Falls – the Canadian side. We spent a few days there with GF’s DS/BIL, June/Bob. It was a great trip and we needed the full three days in Ontario to soak in the grandeur of the falls and surroundings. On the way back south we stopped for a brief visit with DB, Andy. I liked that as much as the falls. The second week of October found me at ambulatory surgery for one-day knee
repair. They trimmed a frayed radial meniscus, found some of arthritis beginning and sent me on my way quickly. By now, I’ve almost healed from the procedure externally, but still have to baby the knee for a little while.

It’s bow hunting season here at home. GF went out the first time this morning and again this afternoon. His forays into the woods will make a little space for me to apply all that Nines taught me about postcard making and probably dig into a little apron serging and seasonal quilt piecing. At the moment, I need to get some clothes out of the dryer and finish making those rye rolls. Yep, things may be returning to normal…or as close to normal as probable around here.

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