Sunday, May 30, 2010


I remember when .... Saturday was grocery shopping day. Dad took Mom to Kroger (she didn't drive in those days) for food supplies and they were usually home not much after noon. That meant no hot lunch. [The kids wouldn't mind anyway - we didn't eat hot lunches offered at Taft Elementary on school days. Too pricey? We carried peanut butter or bologna instead.] Guess Saturday lunch was often sandwiches from fresh "light bread" then. I also remember opening pork & beans and eating them cold (or room temperature). No weenies, just beanies. I still like them that way best. Sometimes we had Vienna sausages or potted meat - which were a treat since little processed meat, other than bologna was on the storing list. We never felt slighted or poor, though. Mom's Sunday dinner always made up for the different Saturday menu. Especially her pies.

Wayne recalls that his mom went grocery shopping once a month (when the check came from the mines). She'd get a Greyhound bus down to Clendenin and the store keeper would use his truck to deliver her and the groceries back up the road (about five miles to Queen Shoals) at the close of business that day. Once a month necessities for a family with seven children was a pretty good load, I reckon. Nothin' fancy - dry beans, flour, sugar, other staples, but there was usually a bag of candy (whatever would stretch out most, like those little orange marshmallow peanuts) as a treat. Doubt that stretched more than one day with seven youngsters.

I went shopping today - all the way to Barboursville. My friend Steph and I met for a nice breakfast and she did the driving from there. At Hobby Lobby, I headed straight for the fabric aisles and likely spent much more than our folks would spend for necessities, though my yardages were not large. Well, for some of us fabric IS a necessity. I had a little baggie with slips of cloth to be matched - all UFO's (unfinished objects in quilters' terms); mostly something to go with squares already sewn and lacking sashing and/or binding - that sort of thing. Found some good deals and some great matches.... and amazingly came home with three pieces of RED. One pattern just wouldn't suit when there are three different shades of red in three separate projects.

Try explaining that to a husband who had to get his own Saturday lunch. I figure it was red ... so Grandma Oe would understand.

[Actually, DH said not a word about my purchases, sweetheart that he is. But it makes a good story.]

Thursday, May 20, 2010


That seemed a likely title for a quilt of tropic colors made out of jelly rolls with a design sufficiently vague as to split its personality between dragon or butter fly-bys. Once you've tried a jellyroll, you can't get enough, right?

Summer is upon us. The front balcony lends itself to dreams and memories -- family reunions, visits from grandchildren, trips to Pocahontas County, fried chicken picnics, blackberry cobblers, lemonade and iced tea, homemade ice cream, fresh green beans and vine-ripened tomatoes. Especially tomatoes. Yes, I'll take it all! Nothing greedy about me...

This is one of those special summers that is to include a brand new experience for Teelside acres: A Grandson's wedding. Of course we're elated that the bride and groom chose to be wed under our very noses – out in the meadow in front of our own favored cove where two woodsy hillsides meet and form deliciously deep shades under sycamores, dogwoods and poplars as a backdrop. Perhaps there will even be enough water in the stream to add its melodies to our Joy and Love and Worship. A thrilling prospect!

Meanwhile, lots of plans are afoot. The stage is to be set with arches, arbors and benches for seating. Several trees are ringed for cutting (their towering over the Barn have made DH uneasy for a while now) and their trunks will be cut in sections to serve as posts for the benches. Plans were drawn by the groom for arches, etc.; he will return to complete the central arch, but has agreed to trust his Grandfather with some prep work. Grandfather’s tools and noggin will be hummin’ soon.

As for yard work, it may take every week between now and mid-July to trim the premises all around. Indeed we should solicit all 13 grandsons as groundskeepers the week previous. (That would be a dozen trimmers and Abe as water boy). After the festivities, wedding trappings will be relocated to cove or orchard or yard or recycled to woodsheds for burning. Either way they should serve as reminders of the new snapshots for the family album that will warm our hearts and hearth in days ahead.

The best part of this – short of having family together, which is always just the very best part of anything – is the knowledge that all the work and plans are in other capable hands. I get to sit on the front balcony, drink iced tea and love every minute of it as it flutters by.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Driving to meeting this morning, Wayne I were talking about how pretty the light green hills of spring were this lovely Lord's day. Then he said, "Every one of those leaves are brand new, they've never been here before." I do love that man! And his comment prompted me to think on and write these lines.


Gentle green hangs on the breeze
Floating softly through the trees;
Branches bathed in budding light
Bring to Spring their lovely sight.

Every leaf is shiny, new
Moist with gentle rain and dew –
Tender growth lately alive
Breaking out, with Joy revived.

Resurrection, Praise His name!
Here on earth His power proclaims
Once again with gilding ray
Winter’s night has turned to day.

Gentle green is born again
Hope and glory grandly reign;
Singing forth, sweet blooms and birds
Declare their anthems without words.

Beauties wrought by His design
Mark afresh that place in time
Where life returns again to bless
His world in Grace and Righteousness.

Gentle green whispers of Love
Spread in mercy from Above –
A timely summons gently borne
On wings of Spring for everyone!

See now the promise of the Lord
Believe and trust his Precious Word,
As surely as these gentle greens
Our souls will prosper – born again.

Not just in seasons come and gone,
Not here upon this plane alone –
We’ll find eternal life and bliss
In Heav’nly Light greater than this.

09 May 2010