Saturday, January 10, 2009


My DGD Hannah Beth and I worked together on this one. The central fabrics were a gift to me, she approved of the colors and block pattern and once the blocks were assembled decided how she wanted them laid out. I love her design - meshing and progression of colors. It may be pictured upside-down...I can't remember whether she started with dark or light rows. I found the border fabric this week, so it's all done and ready to mail to GA. Miss Beth will quilt it by hand ... after she finishes a top she is doing for her other grandmother. Sorry, Beth, it's clearly a family addiction and you got a double whammy.

We're seeing a good bit of winter rain. We had lovely snow on Thursday, but it is warmer now. Rain or snow, I'm ready to sew. Crumb blocks may be next.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009


It's probably a good sign when grandchildren are happy to be going home again. No matter how much they love time with grandfather and grandmother, back to known surroundings and routines is good too. But my, how quiet the barn is without them.

The shuffle for today is a final print-out on a 100+ pages of a poetry publication I'm compiling for a dear friend. This is his second book - Pictures in Poetry, Volume One was published in 1989. We'll be delivering the manuscript to its Ohio author tomorrow and I'm hoping additional corrections will be very few. What a joy it has been to convey such talent to sheets of paper! DH has been my trusty proof reader and he has enjoyed the reading as much as I have.

Once that project is truly in the chute (to the printers), perhaps I can concentrate and progress elsewhere. Even crochet and Sudoku have taken a back seat. And forty-three umpteen fun "winter" sewing jobs are awaiting. Nothing major or pressing - January ought to be good for at least one new quilt top, a flannel shirt and a jumper or two, though.

The woodshed is full, so bring on the snow and keep the sewing lights up and running.