Monday, July 07, 2008


MISS SANDY TAUGHT MISS NINA, MISS NINA TAUGHT ME...fine way to learn a thing or two.

I would not have imagined I would pick up thread crochet - at my age - but here I am crocheting to my little heart's content. Thanks to Nina's patience and easy reader patterns. The 'green thing' was chosen, not because I had any notion it would turn out so large, but because it was the only pattern in my lot labeled "easy-to-do." Having the patience to finish it was not easy, but I finally made it to the end. There is one very noticeable character flaw covered by the candle...when I give it away a candle or some similar cover-up must needs go with it. Anyway, I think a Victorian doily atop a Wondercoal stove is an amusing contrast for July. The unfinished doily lacks a nice border and since it was started with a left-over ball of ecru, I'm thinking the outer frill may be an ecru/metallic gold thread if I can find such my next trip out.

The sweet reproduction crumbs squares were also passed on to me by Miss Sandy. So, I have the first block of my next quilt (reproduction sampler) set up. She's looking at this and wondering how to embellish the muslin betweens. I'm thinking I'll leave that to the quilter (unless I get ambitious and applique small hearts). When a few other squares are done I will decide about coping fabric - right now I'm leaning toward a red print.

Before tackling this really difficult block (NOT)this morning, I warmed up with 26 4-inch crumb blocks from June's sewing scraps. My crumb blocks needed a fresh drink of color ... that's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it.

Must be July - it's hot and muggy in these West Virginia Hills.