Sunday, November 08, 2009


When she walks through the door cloaked in clouds and rain, November may seem dreary. Not so this year. Here at Teelside we've had sunny days, crisp and cool, but sunny. Nights have dipped into freezing and brought down leaves. Still, leaves floating through sunshine lend cheer and peace.

Travels south for a grandson's wedding and visits with DSIL's and DD kept me away for most of the autumn color. Flying back home over the West Virginia hills was thrilling - though not quite so much for me as the returning soldiers (7-months out) that sat across the aisle. And there is yet enough fresh fall scent in the air for absorption. Ahh-h-h-h.

It's hunting season again. DH is gone for hours - watching deer, squirrel, 'possoms and turkeys from his tree stands. He's happy for a dry first of the season as well. Imagine his disappointment when three deer stood 10-20 feet away and he had not the strength to pull back the bow. Age is tricky. That slip, however, was easily corrected by dropping the tension on the bow back a few notches/pounds before venturing out another day.

While DH plays (and prays) in the woods, I sit by the fire reminiscing and reading. I'm enjoying that, though I keenly miss the handwork postponed by a sprained wrist. We do miss what we lose use of -- strength of hand or summer glory. Thankfully, most loss comes with a replacement of greater value. The Lord is so gracious that way. Each season brings it's own joy and, passing with time, leaves hope for fresh new sheets upon the calendar.

While I sit by the fire remembering, it's tempting to wish I could drift back and relive those calendar pages. But then that is exactly what I do in memory, isn't it. I wish all changes were easily restored; or that every precious memory would hold through every season; but such is not the way of life. Seasons come and go. And though some seasons bring troubles that settle softly with the leaves, we know the Lord Himself sustains the seasons and will gently heal our wounded hearts.

Wait on the due season.