Wednesday, April 15, 2009


If it takes bread crumbs to make bread pudding, then a quilt made of crumb blocks can be CRUMB PUDDING. Makes sense to me! And, it’s my quilt top.

Crumb blocks are so much fun aren’t they? This top is set up with four (4”) crumb blocks per square, set with 3-inch side sashes and cornerstones (crumb blocks trimmed to 3”). It’s the classic “Scots Plaid” pattern -- very easy to accomplish. I’m quite pleased with the taupe and cocoa sash fabric Nines helped me find. Also happy to finally accomplish a quilt top with NO outside borders. I’d brag, but Nina still has an oversized (84” X 98”) top to quilt. The size is reason enough to stash it a while, though I’m glad it will wend its way out of my hopper and into hers.

I do the easy part and am truly in no hurry at all for the finale.

Spring is well on its way in WV. We’re enjoying molly moochers, the daffodils are on their way out and the redbuds are bursting on the banks of roadways. DH is right – they should call the latter purplebud – and he does.

Changing season may mean less sewing and piecing … may …I’m not making any rash promises!