Friday, June 27, 2008



One of those is a laddie, I suppose. Anyway that's three quilts done done. Thanks to Nines for good quilting! The bindings and labels are done to a T(eel) and they are ready to ship to recipients. It's quite a trip to do a trio in one week. Makes me want to dig in a start another....hehehe.

Speaking of digging DH dug up this year's garlic. Good harvest. Most was left in the garden to dry a bit; he's off now to gather it up - and a wave of rain swept through about the time he reached the garden gate. He has an awful time getting his garlic dried properly - between WV summer rain and humidity. The summer rain is still preventing the first cutting of hay, much to his chagrin. But what can a man do about rain clouds...not much, I'd say.

About the 'green thing' - thread ran out about 1-1/2 rows before the finish. So, I just stuffed it into the cardboard thread cylinder and will take it off to IN, where Nines has some more of the same shade/color lot. It's pretty bad when you can't finish a first project, but that didn't stop me from starting two more. A simple collar and another doily are now in progress and I'm thinking (keeping my head straight when switching from one to another being now only a minor issue) this new hobby will be a winner. Hoo'd a thunk it? Thanks, Nines.

Besides all those boys need doilies for their hope chests, right?

Friday, June 20, 2008


O.K. So it's not a big stretch to guess what. But it was a fun little project.

The fun part is guessing HOW to "engineer" the thing. Don't you just love engineering? Well, yes, that is a glorified term for making some simple little hobby aid - you'll just have to indulge me.

Nines spied the fabric on Tea Wallets (below), but alas, those were all given away before she got to choose hers. This is a consolation prize for the prairie girl who has taken to crocheting. I hope it's not TOO big for her tiny new purse; and will keep her crochet necessities from drifting too far afield :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


CHICKLET JOY – There it is. One sweet chick in my hands seems symbolic. What a pleasure to take a little trip to IN to visit with family! One chick at a time - loving every minute of it! Ten grand-chicks together were a quite a joy, too. But there were several sequences of ONENESS with various children/grandchildren. There is something special and extra tender about sole focus ... every time. Upon my return, I told DH, every moment was filled with love and comfort - with a lot of laughter tucked in between the lines. I'm ready to go again....

BRINGING HOME BOOTY / IN GOOD COMPANY – DD being so well in tune to my whims, means a Spooner for my table. Nines thinks it is a green reproduction; but I little care how it came to be. It fits quite nicely on her first crocheted doily. (What an honor that it came my way!) Both treasures abide in good company … the other white doily pictured was a gift from Aunt Carrie; the pink platter belonged to Aunt Ruth and the depression glass creamer/sugar bowl were a fantastic hostess gift from a houseguest.

SHARING PLEASURE – Of course, Nines thought I should also learn to crochet with thread. MAYBE it is time. The green thing is my start…up to row – oh no – thirteen! No way will I be as prolific as Nines. Moderation being the key and discouragement seeming avoidable, my patterns feature only easy and intermediate varieties. Don't imagine I have enough time or brain left to conquer 'challenging.' Even so, it is turning into a pleasant, productive pastime. DH is (as we speak) rewiring my Ott lamp to accommodate a more reasonably priced bulb, said $35 issuance having cracked and broken. That will make evening crochet easier…but like Nines, I expect to enjoy outdoor crochet more.

BACK DOOR GREETING – The next picture is the view from my kitchen sink. Such a pleasure to view this back yard! EXCEPT when greeted by unexpected loungers. A dastardly duo took interest in the hummingbird feeder. Just as I arrived back home! Thankfully, DH forded the stairs ahead of me and warned – in a very gentle voice – "You'd better stay in the yard for now." Yep, you got it: two healthy black racers! Whew – well, they're not too healthy now. My hero dispatched them posthaste. And I can tell you, I take a slow peek out before I cross the threshold these days.

POT-O-PLEASURE – What could be better than cream of asparagus soup? Wonderful way to use asparagus collected in the fridge in my absence, since it varied in degree of freshness. The chopped stems were pureed with a hand blender when tender and the asparagus heads added last. It's always good to leave a bit of vegetable floating in the soup for identity sake. Wish Aunt Luanne could come for supper.

RIGHT AT HOME – See that dab of butter in the butter dish? There was about that amount left when friends joined us for supper a while back. The meal was over and I was preparing to serve up some chocolate pound cake for dessert. One guest opted for molasses on a wheat roll, instead of cake. He eyed the butter dish and asked, "Is everyone through with the butter?" Affirmative. He then poured some molasses in the dish, stirred thoroughly and spread it on his roll. Emily Post would be aghast…I do believe his wife rolled her eyes…but I found pure pleasure in knowing someone felt so much at home at our table!!