Thursday, August 15, 2013


Such cool and foggy mornings used to come a couple weeks before school started. These days school starts a couple weeks early so now the fog is on time. It was in the 50's here last night - little wonder the tomatoes are shy about ripening.

It's nearly time for Wayne's garden to start waning, though there may yet be a canner or two of green beans and tomatoes before vegetables vanish into autumn air. If the birds don't knock them all to the ground, it will be the fruit trees' turn for attention. Craig is up there in Indiana dreaming of apple butter, no doubt. It could happen. While making the apple butter, I'm holding out for fresh granny smith apples - which are rarely found in stores anymore. 

So here we are counting beans and tomatoes and apples before they hatch and before the morrow. We could be counting blessings - surely that is so. But we are remembering James 4:15 as well - it is the Lord's will that controls the earth, its seasons and its harvest. And it is His will that controls tomorrows, if such there be. My job is to leave all within His will and use His blessings - both time and harvest - in His service, to His glory.

Don't be shy about service...the Lord surely wasn't!

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