Monday, January 20, 2014


It's always a blessing to start a new year. New day, new month, new year, clean slate and fresh beginning. Somehow it seems easier to appreciate opportunities in January - though the truth is the Lord grants potential for good - moment by moment, every day, doesn't He?

A New Year Awakening

The sun wakes up, the new morn dawns -
Grand blessings of our Lord upon
Unwritten pages; parchment white
Unstained, unblemished as we write
A story. The biography
Unfolds each day. We knit and weave
A pattern on the tapestry
That stretches through eternity.
With humble heart and grateful praise
We take up threads and interlace
The colors. Patterns shift and move
Through His design and perfect love.
Among the fibers of content
His grace will lead, His mercy lend
The guidance needed to create
His masterpiece upon the slate.
His loving-kindness shields from harm.
A timid shuttle, broken yarn
May threaten ill from time to time.
Still He holds safe, preserves His Scheme -
The blueprint of Redemption found
In sacred word and Precious Blood.
The loom awaits; His Light shines in.
Our leaf of life anew begins.


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