Sunday, August 19, 2012



Watch the shadows now sprinkled across the green lawn
By the afternoon sun sitting down -
Does the sun claim a chair near the waning of day
There to toss soft reflections around?
There's no hurry to scatter or rush to display
The gentle array of the hour
And the evening that laces it's fingers with day
Lingers on, closing beauty to show'r.

What a wonder to watch twilight spread like a cloak
Shielding vision e'er light becomes dim;
E'er the parting of season marks calendar streams
Swiftly flowing t'ward summer's near brim.
Deep the dimness 'neath fringes of woodland's fair trees,
Setting scenes where the fairies of youth
Were imagined through fancy - now caught in the fray
Of illusion met squarely with truth.

Yet in sunsets of August, magic lingers once more
And with pixie dust alters our dreams
Drawing charming sensations as the day slides away
With the music from meadows and streams.
Dancing elves leave soft footprints in the dew as the mist
Gently settles across hill and dale,
Then the shade becomes darkness, and the merriment drifts
Where the moonlight continues the tale.

pjt 7/26/2012

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