Tuesday, July 16, 2013


So quiet - no birds singing, reminding me of that late summer day when I wake to realize the birds are leaving for warmer climes. And then I realize it is not yet light enough for the birds to say good morning. As sheerest shades of sunrise float toward the ridge east of the Barn, out the back door there are still a few stars and a satellite in view. So, quiet.

It takes but a few moments for all that to change. And now the birds sing out in chorus - the first hymn for this, the Lord's day. The morning mist rising on the hillside adds softness to the scene. There seems no mortal way to absorb every facet of this beauty. How conclusively true of every blessing God bestows...His glory here but a glimpse of that to come!

Heaven in prospect - all things beautiful, there fully comprehended. This is the day - join with His creation in jubilant praise for His grace and goodness.

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